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Jonathon is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is the son of Larry Lunardi who was the former Vice President of Geophysics at Chesapeake Energy. Jonathon went to high school at Classen School of Advanced studies and played sports and excelled at academics. Jonathon was the student of the year at Classen SAS in 1997 which was Classen SAS's first graduating class. This entrpreneurial role at a young age while at Classen gave Jonathon the tools, knowledge, and networks to achieve great things for America.

While at Classen, Jonathon excelled in math, science, writing, history, and student leadership. He was chosen to be the student of the year for those achievements. After graduating Classen, Jonathon decided to go to the Unviersity of Oklahoma which was a much larger student environment than Classen but one where he would find loyal brotherhood and lessons that would send him to Washington DC to live.

While at OU, Jonathon quickly became passionate about computers and the Internet in particular. Jonathon majored in computer science and mathematics at OU. During Jonathon's sophomore year, he met Gavin Guest and they created the successful CampusMarket.com website and business in 1998. While doing this, Jonathon realized that his passions for the Internet and computers lie more in the business management and company formation than in day to day programming code, so he switched majors to Management Information Systems in the Price College of Business.

Within the Price College, Jonathon flourished. He joined the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity and got heavily involted with AITP and other MIS related student organizations. Jonathon made good grades and began developing the business plan for CampusWeb.com. [insert biz plan] Jonathon was planning to take on companies like Daily Jolt and CampusPipeline.com. He was positioned to have OU be the first major buyer when he was told OU would have a new CIO, Dr. Dennis Aebersold.

Jonathon worked for Dennis and became the founder and director of the Sooner Information Network in 2000. Jonathon led the team to open source this PHP platform that ran on over 35 schools including OSU, Duke, and Purdue in 2001. Jonathon also was a full time student at OU and was the President of the most successful IBC company (IB Collectin) which created and marketed the 1999 OU Championship football cards.

When Jonathon was at OU, there was not an entrepreneurship program. Now, OU has the #5 top ranked entrepreneurship programs in the country. Jonathon helped paved that way and helps to build ever strengthening bonds between OU alumni where ever he goes. Jonathon owns www.oualumni.org and someday will make this into the best portal for OU alumni ever created.

Jonathon has lived in the Washington DC area for over 14 years and now lives in Silver Spring, MD. Jonathon specializes in the development and marketing of two sided online marketplaces where both sides of the market achieve rich engagement, invaluable connections, and personalized content.

Jonathon worked at Blackboard Inc. for five years when it was a public company and led all competitive positioning efforts. Jonathon also was in charge of the community enagement portal product marketing and worked closely with product management and product development teams to ensure Blackboard was meetings its goals.

After Blackboard, Jonathon obtained a secret clearance while working in the Pentagon for the US Army Provost Marshal General and the Army National Guard. Jonathon was an owner and executive of an Army government subcontractor company called AxHill LLC and worked with hundreds of Veterans and US Military active duty on a regular basis while achieving over $2 Million in revenues. Jonathon is one of America's top civilian Veteran advocates and supports the Veterans of our country through the continual innovation and growth of the MJN platform.

Currently, Mr. Lunardi is the CEO, Co-Founder, and Inventor of the Military Job Networks online platform and patent-pending matching and translation Military occupation specialty system. MJN is America's top online networking and hiring platform for verified US Military Veterans and has the potential to empower more Veterans to obtain meaningful civilian careers than ever before.

MJN is a Maryland company with additional offices at the 1776 incubator in Washington DC at 1133 15th St. NW, 12th Floor. Jonathon is surrounded by startup resources, advisors, and fellow entrepreneurs which fuels the passion and gives incredible confidence in the future success of MJN.

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Soon to come: Maryland Innovations, CampusNEWZ.com, and more. If you are interested in collaborating, let me know.

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